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The Acclimatization of Tropical Birds

The acclimatization often involves moisture, temperature, food that frequently related with . It is the process when in its environment an organism adjusts to chronic change. When you import a bird from overseas this process is relevant with aviculture. Here we will talk more about the acclimatization of tropical birds. The aim is to give you a complete knowledge about the process that is important when you import birds from overseas and differentiate it well with quarantine process. If you fail to do a good acclimatization process to your , there is a high risk that it will die too soon.

It is well known that the Tropical birds are attractive that make tourists who visit tropical places during vacations want to import them. Anybody who wants to take the step of importing tropical bird should first do several processes starting from quarantine the bird first. However, we should note here that quarantine is just a mark to begin the whole process of acclimatization. It can take up to two years even after release from quarantine it for a bird to fully acclimatized.

Unless it is summer, people who live in a climate with frosty or cold winters then in an aviary they cannot put an imported bird outside. It is not advisable for the first two winters in row to keep tropical birds inside. You must still make sure adequate shelter is given in the aviary for the third winter and beyond. Introducing a new bird to an aviary that is shared by other birds is another part of acclimatization process. We should monitor closely in the first few days for the new bird whether or not it shows signs of distress. During the breeding season it is much heightened the risk of a new bird being bullied. Therefore, to an established it is not wise to introduce a new bird at this time.

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  1. C.G. Pyper says:

    Thank you for your informative/interesting site. ‘Would love to have tropical birds, but must settle for dogs and cats.

    What is the type “name” of the black bird w/the big yellow beak? Please advise.



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