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By Mike Terry

Sparrow Bird

We are so lucky because we live on earth which many kinds of animal and plant are living with us. Without them, earth will be empty and there will be no trees which mean there will be no oxygen for us. We need them so we must preserve them. As we know there are many people are very greed and cutting down the trees for their benefits. They never care about the earth and only think about their wealth. We should stop these greedy people because if we don’t they will make the global warming threat more dangerous for us. Besides, woods is the place where the animals living. If we cutting down the trees in the woods, the animals have no place to go and they will die or other they will live among us. In the city there are sparrows living with us, but if animal like snake it would be dangerous for us.

Actually, sparrows are living in a city. They used to stay in the building. Mostly, sparrows are living in church so the people also call them with . They like to stay in big building and they live in group. Some bird like eagle live in solitude but sparrows live together with hundreds other . In some cities, there are many sparrows flying above the city and it is very beautiful view.

Sparrows make the scenery in the city so beautiful and it is very rare. I can say seeing sparrows flying above the city is a scenery we don’t see every day. Sparrow is just one of bird species and this kind of bird is awesome. There are many other and we must preserve them all. Stop global warming now and start to reuse reduce and recycle. We can still save our earth but we must start now.

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Thank you for reading my article about Sparrows.

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