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In this nature, there are many kinds of species that lives in the forest, river, or many other parts of natural places. There are many lives that we can find and we can see the beauty. We can see many . Moreover, for the animal there are many kinds of it that we can see. One of the animal kinds that we can see is bird. Many varieties of bird can be found around the world. And one kind of bird that is very beautiful is . There are many Robins that live near to us. In addition, the Robins have tiny look and beautiful voice because they are songbirds that the voice will fill in the air along the day.

Habitat of Robins

Robins are often found in human environment. They live on the trees around our living. Moreover, the Robins are mostly found in the area of North America such as in Canada and Alaska until Mexico and Florida. This kind of species spread out in America and they live near to us. Furthermore, the Robins that have various color of the feather are very beautiful and they often migrate to the cooler area. So, if there is summer in the location where they are living, they will go to the area that can give them lower temperature. Well, it is not always near human environment, Robins can also live in the forest since there are many trees that Robins can make a nest there to live and collect food.


Robin birds

In making the nest, Robins use grass and smooth twigs so that it will be comfortable for them to live. In addition, for finding food, they hunt for wombs in the soil or they also can eat berries, larva, and insect. Furthermore, for the Robins who live in the urban area, there might be difficult for them to find a tree, so that they adapt themselves and they make a nest in the roof of a building or in the top of a building.

Enemies of Robins

In the natural live, there must be a normal thing to have predator. Every kind of animal must have their predator and Robins do the same. Robins have many predators that can threaten their life. The predators of the kind of bird include cats, owls, squirrels, snakes, hawks, raccoons, and many more. Many of the predators of Robins often attack and aim in hunting for the eggs rather that the adults of the bird.

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