as Messengers

By Mike Terry

There are a lot of interesting facts you could learn from a pigeon. Perhaps some of you might be thinking that it is only one kind of bird species you could find around the world, further you might be thinking that nothing special from this kind of species. Well, the fact is each species in this world is special and pigeon is not the exception. If you are looking for further information about some interesting facts about pigeon perhaps you will never say that nothing special for a pigeon.

Do you know that back in the 16th century, pigeon poop becomes the expensive commodity so the owner of pigeon house should hire a guard to protect the pigeon house to prevent the thieves stealing the poop? Well, the fact is until now the pigeons poop is used as fertilizer for melon corps in Iran while in France in Italy the pigeons poop is used as fertilize for the vineyard. It is actually only one of the interesting fact you need to know about pigeon and there are a lot of things you could get from pigeon. Perhaps, some of you might be thinking that pigeon as a messenger is only a myth. Well, myth is sometimes inspired from true event as well. Surely you notice that today in Olympic Games, releasing thousands of pigeons is becoming one of the traditions. It is true because since 5th have been used as messenger to and in Olympic Games they are used to carry result of the sporting event.

There are a lot of interesting facts about pigeons actually but the most interesting is actually they role in carrying messages. Back to the second World War, pigeons become the hero because they are the only communication line available because pigeon could safely take messages crossing the enemy lines.

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