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As a good human being, we need to live in balance with the other human being and the nature. We must have good relationship with the animal as well. If living with the people in your home is quite boring nowadays, you can consider living with pet. Living with pet is not a new thing for us because since we are little kid, we used to have pet in your home, if not we used to see other people keeping their pets. You can chose the pet that you like because today almost all kinds of animal can be kept as pet as long as it is not illegal.

The most is the dog or cat. However, if you want to keep something different, you can choose to keep the rabbit, the turtle, the fish, the snake, the monkey, and even the tiger if the government in your place allows you. The other that you can choose is the pet birds. In one of the magazine about , the people did the voting about their favorite pet birds and the winner is the African grey. African grey can talk, can sing, and can do the mimicking very well. Therefore, you can consider buying the African grey as your pet birds. The second winner is the Amazon. The can also talk and sing although it is not as good as the African grey based on people’s vote.

The main purpose of having pet birds is for the companion or friend. You can hardly talk to your dog or your snake, but you can talk to your talking bird a little bit about what you do in life. Moreover, bird is quite easy to keep and they will not make your home like a wrecked ship because most pet birds remains calm. Just imagine the joy of waking up in the morning listen to your bird singing!

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