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Knowing cycle of

By Mike Terry


Most of bird lovers are interested in pet bird because of some certain reason. Some says because of their appearance, which have strong smooth accent feather or it is because they voice or chirp. In bird psychology, they often lives free without being stop by keeping in cage.   Mans are having this kind of hobby, they thought that it’s a pride having great pet bird.  They even make a competition to search as the unique, kinds, and healthy birds.


If you like to choose this hobby here important things that you should know:

  • You should know what kind of type species that can survive in the cage.
  • Get information about what is habits and daily life of the birds.
  • It’s important to give them a natural woof for pet bird
  • Make sure that you made a .
  • Care system is also big issues; keep clean the environment of the birds to keep them healthy.

In normal condition, dressing fur feather that happen each year to pet bird. Only, sometimes the terms are uncertain which is depends on the woof consumption, care system, and livelihood of birds. Mostly it happens in the transition period or near to the end of year. The changing feather will be said as it normal within 40 days. So, the bird owners should knowing this process to alert the yet time process or feather loss continuously. The species of bird that having this case usually, lack of the desire, lost of appetite and low stage of chirping.

It is also necessary when you not cover the cage, let them get a natural light as noon or night coming. Untreated Cage could affect the birds because parasitic pests are growing for example lice or mite. Weather it grows in short term condition (7-12 days) and shorter if it in heat air situation and their existence will ruin the pet bird.

Check out my other guide on Finches. Thank you for reading my article about Pet Bird.

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