Parrot Names

Names and its Use


Parrot is famous as a talking which is actually a misconception. They are not really talking to you. What they do is imitating whatever is heard. What is amazing about this is that the way it imitates you is so similar that people often think that it is a person talking. With a human voice, it certainly can be thought of very similar to human’s utterances. Since they are very good in imitating any sound, not just voice, their names are used when a child imitates its parents by calling him a . So famous is their reputation as a talking , that it is one of the most popular birds kept as a pet.

It is important to give parrot names as an identity for them. As you know, a parrot can be taught to imitate any utterances including a short dialogue. If they are given names, they will be able to identify themselves as the given to them. This is particularly useful when you participate in a parrot contest. Since the bird will be exposed to the judges and public. When you already give your bird a , it is easy for you to make up a conversation to be imitated by the bird such as an introduction conversation. If you are patient in training it, you will impress a lot of people who may think that the bird can actually be talked to by anyone.

The other use of parrot names is that you can only call out its name if it ever get separated from you or fly away astray in a competition. You had better give a unique parrot names since common name may already be used by other parrot owners, or even it may be mistaken with a person’s name. A parrot can really become a fun friend to the owner whether it is new or experienced owners.

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