What You Need to Know about Parakeets

By Mike Terry



People have many reasons for keeping a pet or two at home ranging from having a company to decoration – particularly with those of small and bright colors. While some people have which they treat as a friend or company or even as a guard, some others have cute little ones. Among the cute pets that are often chosen are birds for its color and singing or talking. One kind of these birds is parakeets. They have pretty colors and they like to play. Living until the maximum age of ten to fifteen years, these birds can make great companions with their affectionate character.

Largely available at pet shops, the birds are ideal as a child’s first pet bird or a first owner of birds. In spite their large availability; people who just take up this pet keeping should know some things prior to buying one. First of all, since parakeets live if flocks in their natural habitat, it is a good idea to buy two or three birds at once to avoid loneliness. Secondly, prepare yourself with any topic of talk because these birds will definitely need to be talked to every day with the minimum length of half an hour. This interaction shows that you care about them and in return they will show their affection, too, when they are stroked. This stroking gesture is really liked by them.

The third thing that you should prepare is sort of like toys for birds. Because they are smart, they need some distractions to play with. They do not just sit there in the cage. This will be really an entertainment for you watching them play with their toy. Last but not least, you can also teach them to talk although only a few words. Because parakeets have soft voice which is not so audible, they are often believed that they cannot talk, which is definitely not true.

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