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When talking about owls some of you might be thinking that owl is actually one of the bird that you should avoid because myth said that once you have found owl around your house means that the death is approaching. Well, it is totally a myth because today with modern world around you, owl is no longer becoming something that is scary because since Harry Potter got owl as his birthday present, this kind of bird special is becoming progressively popular among people because owl might be somehow mysterious but no one will object the fact that owl is actually one of the beautiful bird you ever know in this world.

So, are you going to be the next person who will choose owls as your ? Well, surely owl is not like cats or dogs that you could play around with; that is why finding out more info or fact about owls is recommended for you to do and you must be surprised that there are a lot of that you haven’t heard before. The fact is there are a lot of species of owls in this world which is reaching the number of 220. From those species, basically there are two ; they are barn owl and true owl. Some of you might be starting to wonder that the differences of those two .

Barn owls are only having about 16 species from the 220 and the rest is classified as true owl. If you are familiar with Australasian owl and Sulawesi owl, well those two species of own are classified as barn owl while true owl is more diverse. The look of those two types of owls is also different, owl with heart-shaped face classified as barn owl while a large head with round facial disc is features belong to true owls.

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  3. owlfreak

    owls r the best! luv em luv em luv em!!!!!!

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