Names Of Birds

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The Names of Birds

By Mike Terry


Most bird that we see everyday have names. Even if we think that a bird does not have name, it actually has name that we do not know. The names of birds are very important to recognize and identify the birds. That is why it is important for the researcher or even the common person to give name to the bird as soon as possible after a new species of bird is found.

The names of birds are usually taken from the characteristic of the bird like the color of the feather or the shape of the body. Beside that, the specific location where the bird is found is can also be used in the bird name like Philadelphia eagles and Atlanta falcons. If you have a bird as your pet, you can name your bird as you want. You can choose either the scientific name or the cute name which can represent your personality. However, if you are a researcher, a biologist, or a bird expert that finds a new species of bird, you cannot name a bird as you want. You better discuss with the other experts about the name of the bird and usually the scientific name will be in Latin.

If you have many curiosities about the names of birds, you can get some more information in the internet. There are many people like you who want to know more about bird names and they ask question about bird names in the internet. You can see the questions and the answers easily by inserting the keywords in the search engine. You can also learn about the history of the bird names and how the bird names were fund in the past. The stories can be funny and unique. If you are a bird lover, you better understand about that kind of information soon.

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  1. Theo says:

    I have a couple pictures but I dont know the names of these birds

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