Breeding Macaws

By Mike Terry

Macaw birds

Macaws are . It has many colors. It can be blending of red, blue, and yellow. It is a kind of parrots. Its body is in range small to big. You can make it as lovely pet since it is beautiful and friendly bird. It is a strong bird so it is not difficult to breed it. Every one can get it easily either from the breeders or . This bird can last over 30 years old even some of them can reach the age of 80, so you can have it for a . It is also easy in feeding this bird. You just need fresh water and some nutrients.

Macaws are lovely pet

This has an amazing color. So it is not strange if it is hunted by many people to make it as a pet. It is a smart bird and has a personality like the children. It likes to play anything. It is reasonable for you to have it as a pet for the macaws are attractive, playful, and lovely. It is not a silent bird. It always sings all the time and does the more activity like hanging or swinging. So just give a strong handle in its cage for its strong beak and leg. Its smartness also makes it easy to be taught or trained to do the amazing things.

You also can make it as your best friend. It is good if you train this bird individually since it was young because if you have trained this lovely bird for a long time which is begun from this young bird, it can be a sociable bird. It will not be afraid with anyone and has a brave personality, but it is still have the favorite lovely person, like you as its trainer. Finally you need to know its diet. The macaws like to eat grains, fruits, and pellets which are especially for the member of parrots.

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  1. scotland west

    Hello my name is Scotland West i will like to buy one of your Beautiful Birds Macaws do you have any vido of them so that i can see how he or she can talk and play because i have $650 to buy one of them

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