The Breeding of the Lovebirds

By Mike Terry

Birds have been long time becoming favorable pets. Birds that are suitable to keep at homes are parrots, pigeons, doves, peacocks and more. Maybe some of us do not know what lovebirds are. They are actually are particularly affectionate . They are among pets that take on a higher level of involvement if you make the decision to start breeding but they are very lovable to keep as pets.

There are several species of lovebird mostly from Africa and one from Madagascar. They are Madagascar, Abyssinian, Red-headed, Peach-faced, Lovebird, Masked Fischer’s, Lilian’s, and Black-cheeked Lovebirds. These birds got their name because of the famous long monogamous relationship they have.

The scientific precise classification of lovebirds is following this chain: Kingdom- Animalia, Phylum- Chordata, Class- Aves, Order- Psittaciformes, Family- Psittacidae, Subfamily- Psittacinae, Tribe- Psittaculini, and Genus- Agapornis. To describe the color of these is hard because they have been bred in a wide range of colors. However, fundamentally those birds are mostly green with various colors on their upper body. Their size is really small that reaches only up to sixty grams in weight and seventeen centimeters in height along with budgies they become some of the smallest parrots available on earth. Those cute birds can live for up to fifteen years.

To breed them you need to have very healthy specimens that are kept in very clean conditions and on a special diet. The diet is probably the most important factor of all as not only it is necessary for fertility but also is important to ensure that the young will be very healthy. Getting a female and male is the first step to breeding those birds. It is in fact not an easy duty because those birds require scientific sexing to know the female and male apart and they are sexually dimorphic. There are important strategies needed by the bird owners should take for a successful breeding.

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  1. Abdul Jabbar

    Were can i buy love birds for my shop in wholesale rates as i am residing in karnataka(belgaum)at BIG BAZAAR. Pls mail me address of the wholesalers if any know

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