Lovebird Care

And Feeding

lovebird care

Mask Lovebirds

Lovebird is a unique bird. Faithful to one partner is his trademark, so it’s no wonder these birds serve as a symbol of love. Through the process of interbreeding, lovebird color variations appear very attractive, such as bright yellow, pastel, and even white at all. High level of intelligence, adaptable, and easy to take care. are some of the factors as a reason why many people are fond of lovebird to be taking care of.

Lovebirds as a hobby

Having birds is a pleasure for the fans. The fans are willing to spend hours just to take care and enjoy the beauty of their pet bird. Besides the twitter birds, Birds with beautiful feathered also have many fans. Lovebirds can be used as an example.

The long process of marriage and loyal to their partners may be the main reason people gave the name to this bird lovebird. This bird is easy to breed. Enough food, a comfortable environment for the bird, and a suitable partner is a need special attention if you want to take care of them.

If frequently contact and interact with humans, lovebirds can be very tame. As with any other crooked beaked bird family, lovebird is a pretty smart and can recognize a lot of things around him.

lovebird care

Lovebird Care

At first lovebird only serves as an ornamental birds only. By some this bird are to be a symbol of harmony in pairs. This bird is famous for its cute and the colors are very beautiful. Lovebird is also a very talkative bird. This happens because these birds are sensitive to high noise around him.

Lovebird has a size between 13-17 cm and weighing between 40-60 grams. Lovebird is the smallest bird in the world of crooked beak. These birds are generally green with the color variation on the upper body depends on its kind. Lovebird can live in a fairly long period of time, between 10-15 years.

Generally, lovebird has adaptable nature to environmental changes, like yelling, fighting, sexual desire that is easy to come, can be tamed, not easy to stress, enjoys a cool environment, like a shower, and live in groups. However, do not get me wrong with this bird. Although referred to as the “love birds” which symbolizes peace and harmony, in reality it can be very wild to other birds, especially when there are new entrants into the region or cage.

In their natural habitat, lovebirds usually live in groups. They are faithful to their couple and they prefer their couple rather than their own group. Also Often seen how lovebird always intimate and always near their partner at all times. Feeding each other at meal times is also a unique for this bird.

The main Food Of Lovebirds

The main food of the lovebird is a seed, but there are also species of lovebirds that eat insects, the Abyssinian lovebird. Lovebird is very fond of water. Therefore, they usually live in areas close to water. They like to bathe. In addition to just playing around, the activity of this shower is very useful to maintain their body temperature and humidity. In the wild, Lovebird can be very powerful, fast, and has exceptional maneuverability to fly with its small and circular wings. When they lay their eggs, lovebird can build nest anywhere, from the top of a high tree, in tree cavities, in stone walls, and also occupy the old nest of another bird.

The most remarkable nest architect are masked lovebirds and fischer lovebirds. The Two species of lovebird that can make a big nest. The nest has two main rooms: a large room complete with its entrance and a room again as a place to lay eggs and raise their children. A pair of masked and fischer usually takes between 10-30 days to build this nest. Completion time depends on the availability of raw materials of the nest in the nature.

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