Love Birds

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The Love Birds

By Mike Terry

Love Bird

Do you know that there are many birds in the world? There are so many birds in the world and we should know about that. The kinds of bird that we have are various and we should be proud about that. Each country has different kinds of bird so there are billions of bird species that available. As you all know we are now living in the threat of global warming. The threat of global warming is so real and we should reduce the global warming threat. You know that there are many kinds of bird that we have and if the global warming is increasing, the birds will die and we don’t want that to be happening. Love birds are bird from Africa or Madagascar.

Africa is one big continent and most of us do not know much about it. There are many exotic animals from Africa and we should preserve them all. Africa is also the home of love birds and since the global warming is threatening our nature, love birds are in danger. Like I said, there are many exotic animals from Africa. Some of the exotic animals are such as lion, elephant, gazelle, giraffe, zebra, bison, and many more. If we let the global warming and do nothing to stop it, I believe that our sons and daughters will not be able to see those animals.

Love birds are just one kinds of bird that available in this world and in Africa for more specific. If we care about those animals, we should do something to stop the global warming. It is very easy to stop the global warming; we can start from the simple activities like throwing garbage at the trash bin, use less plastic, and stop to use papers. If you really care about this earth, you would do what I said.

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