Identify Birds

Choosing the Right Binoculars to Identify Birds

By Mike Terry

Binoculars are closely related with enthusiasm that’s why those equipment is popular among lovers.. Knowledge about right binoculars is important to choose the right one used to identify birds. The most essential information you need to obtain is the difference between various binoculars that are available. The optimum combination between light performance and power will be those that are the most suitable to choose.

To buy the to help you to identify birds by watching them you need to understand about the meaning of specification. Magnification is related to the first number, so the bird or object that you are watching would look eight times closer in a pair of 8 x 30 when you look though the lenses. In the specifications the second figure refers to the width of the largest lenses in centimeters. Therefore, for a dull day 8 x 40 binoculars are ideal but they will have more weight than 8 x 30’s.

To choose the right binoculars to identify birds you need to try them before you purchase because you need to feel comfortable when handling them in your hands. In other words you should be easy to operate the optics. It is a very personal thing to find the best optics for bird watching purposes. That means what fits one person may not suit another. It is why trying them out before buying is very important. The 8 x sizes are a good compromise if you plan on using one pair of optics. For many birders it is a great choice. You can choose a pair that has an exit pupil size of minimum 4 mm for . A minimum close focus of 15 feet is what a good pair should have but the 10 feet will be better one. If a binocular cannot allow you to focus at birds or objects closer than 20ft will make you cost some birding chances.

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