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A Short Guide to Adopting Free Birds     

free birds

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Birds make wonderful pets. Aside from the fact that a lot of them are considered to be among the most graceful and beautiful creatures on earth, a lot of them are proven to be smart and loyal to their owners. They provide so much joy without asking for a lot in return. But even though keeping birds may seem less work than raising dogs or cats, that doesn’t usually mean a lower price tag. Do you want start taking care of birds as pets but don’t really have the money to buy choice breeds? If you’re interested in giving a poor abandoned bird a new home, then here’s a short guide on how you can adopt free birds, without spending a fortune.

If you’re already decided on raising birds in your home, try to do a bit of research first before going around looking for free birds to adopt. With over hundreds of different kinds of birds out there, you need to know which ones would be best suited for your personality and lifestyle. Would you be more suited to take care of a friendly parrot? Or a pair of colorful lovebirds, perhaps? Remember that different breeds require different levels of care so try to look for pet bird that won’t demand too much time or effort than you’re willing to give.

free birds

Free Birds

Next, check with your local bird shelters if they have the breed that you’re looking into adopting. Since bird rescue organizations usually deal with rescued or abandoned birds, it would be best if you kept and open mind and set low expectations. Give them a visit and take the time to get to know the birds they have available for adoption. Don’t be afraid to express any concerns you may have, like how to deal with birds with phobias or traumas. This way, you’ll be more prepared to take care of the bird, if you do decide to push through with the adoption.

Lastly, don’t forget to make the necessary arrangements before you take your new pet home. Buy an appropriate bird cage for your new pet and decide on where it should be placed. Read up on the different types of food the bird can have, as well as activities that its breed regularly engages in. some birds need to be stimulated regularly with toys and puzzles while others need to be trained so look up techniques that can help you get acquainted with your pet.  If you need more advice, don’t hesitate to consult your friendly neighborhood veterinarian, especially if the bird you’re planning to adopt is considered to be a special breed.

Since adopting free birds from shelters can prove to be quite challenging sometimes, it’s important that you be patient throughout the whole process. Finding the right pet can take some time so try not to get frustrated when things suddenly don’t go your way. As long as you have the right attitude and you arm yourself with all the vital information you need, you’ll be a proud bird owner in no time.

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