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Conures are very beautiful birds. They look like a parakeet, but bigger in their body size. It is about 30 cm long. Conures have very long tails. The color of their feathers varies greatly. Conures are , in its natural habitat; a conure lives together with others. They feed mainly on seeds and fruits. This is the birds of northern hemisphere, they are found in Central and South America. They lay up to three eggs. Baby conure hatch after 24 to28 day’s incubation. They are able to live up to 20 years.

As their relative, parrot, they are social and they never leave their flock. Conures are very active birds. They like to play with other birds in their flock. On a tree, they often perch upside down and swing their body. The birds also like to preen using their beaks. Conures also enjoy water bathing in the shallow river bank. The birds produce high pitched sound, they are such noise birds. In the wild, flock of conures often decorates a tree with their colorful feather. Along with their noisy voice, it shows wonderful harmony of nature.

The beauty of their colorful feather has made the bird a favorite pet. Conure is also tamed easily. It will be very good if birds are kept together in a big cage. As stated above, conure is active birds that always interact with their community. However the bird can be kept in a cage consists of only a conure.

Keep the bird in a cage needs extra care considering the conures’ characteristics. You can teach your bird to copy some words, but since it produces high-pitched sound, a word that produced by a conure is not clear enough. If you will keep the bird as a pet, it recommended that you buy from a pet shop, instead of caught conures from the wild.

Check out my other guide on Birds Of America. Thank you for reading my article about Conure.

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