Keeping the Cockatoo

Cockatoo Bird

Are you bored at home? Do you feel that the high technology in your home cannot give you the entertainments that you want? Do you want to be more relaxed with a companion beside human being? If you said yes for all the questions, it means that you need to keep a pet. It is true that at the first time the television, radio, computer, iPod, mobile phone, game player, and other can make us happy. However, as time goes by, the life feels really empty. We need something new, we need to mingle with nature to be full again.

One of the ways to balance our life with nature is by keeping a pet. We can choose the animal that we like to be our pet. The most common one is dog and cat, but you can easily chose one that you like most. If you want simplicity and a loyal pet, you can consider keeping a cockatoo. A cockatoo is a bird originally coming from Australia, eastern , and some parts of the Philippines. That is why cockatoo is very popular in those countries, the name cockatoo itself comes from the origin word of “kakaktua” there. As time goes by, the cockatoo is spread all over the world including the America, Europe, and Africa. Therefore, more and more people can enjoy the beauty and great voice a cockatoo now.

Cockatoo has so many different type and species and some of the species are almost extinct. Hence, the experts try to preserve the cockatoo so the next generation can see the cockatoo. However, keeping cockatoos as  pets is not illegal as long as it is not the cockatoo which is kept by the government or the . You can easily shop cockatoos from the animal shop and you can even order it online.

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