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Chinchilla Pictures

Chinchillas or is one of fauna rat type. They can survive in the free environment for about 3 years, but if will get shorter if it’s become pet. They typically very small and has smalls feet’s and fat body. They are so cute, with grey, black and white color form. They lived in the river, hills and rocky field. They spread all over Europe, Korea, and Pakistan. They eat fruits, roots, green leaves and insects. They are so actives, so when you keep it at home makes sure that you create home with supported them to exercise.  They are also mammal’s class; they could produce 13 baby hamsters in gestation period happen in April to October. Remember you can’t kill the babies; you can sell or donate it to the club.

They also like dust bath, you have to keep the temperature in 18 to 26 Celsius. Of course if you want to keep them alive. What should you do if you want a hamster as pet?

  1. Determine what species rat you like; if you don’t know yet get more information about it
  2. Get Information as much as you can get to envoy your knowledge about it.
  3. Food habits and activates of chinchillas.
  4. Built the cage with some accessories to support them doing the habits.
  5. You can also give them a chinchilla’s name.
  6. Clean cage also important otherwise you should check it if it needs to be washes or cleaned.
  7. Be a responsible owner for the chinchillas; don’t make them stressed just because you touch them too much.

Organized the

You can make the cage from the aluminum, woods or bamboo. You can also give some space or create rooms for them as you had it in house. For example roller forms, bathroom dust and any other form which supported the hamster life. Actually you can bring anywhere you go or take a walk, bring them in the garden if the cage is available to bring. When your hamster give birth too many babies, you should keep it one or two then you can sell the rest. You can sell it in the pet shop, so then you can get an extra income which is its good. But of course chinchillas is one of endangered species in some country, so protect the cute species isn’t bad idea.

Check out my other guide on Birds Of America. Thank you for reading my article about Chinchillas.

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