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canary bird

Canary Bird

Canary bird gets its name from the island which has the same name. It is found for the first time by Spaniard in 1500s. When Spain conquered the Island of Canary, they found a beautiful bird sings melodiously. After that, those birds are named as Canary Bird. Canary bird is a small bird. Generally it has yellow green fur. It is a kind of passerine bird. It comes from the Island of Canary and the islands around it. Some of this is breaded in certain way so it comes with many different colors. So it is so wonderful to have it as a pet.

Canary bird is an amazing pet

Today canary bird is little bit different from the original canary. It has been going through a breeding process for a long period so it becomes new canary bird. This nice pet can be brought to your home and will become a funny bird to your entire family members. It is easy to take care of this bird. It likes many people food like banana and other fruits. However you have to give it a special food for canary bird because it will be better for its healthy. The canary bird needs much fresh water for its metabolism; so don’t be late to give it some fresh water.

You can breed this bird by yourself. You can place a couple of these birds in one cage. You have to pay attention on the wide of the cage. It must be enough wide to make them comfort. A recommended size is 60 cm by 120 cm. In this wide cage, they can move freely enough. The is fragile. The environment changing can make it stress and finally dead. Too hot light is also dangerous to this bird. The canary bird likes to stay in the light, but not the extreme light. It is better to place the canary bird under the .

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