Canarie: and Canaries as Pets

As we know, there are many varieties of bird that we can find in this nature. One of the varieties of the bird is canary bird. We can find many canaries in the nature with the beauty of it. Moreover, there are also many people who have in their house since they love the birds and they take care of the birds as their pets. There are many people who like this kind of bird because they have beautiful voice. They can sing and the voice is very nice to be heard. You can get entertainment from that kind of bird when they are singing because you will find melodious voice from them.

Habitat of Canaries

Canaries can live in the wild nature and they can also live in home environment as pets. For the you will find that this kind of bird lives in orchard because their food is basically fruits and berries. Moreover, the canaries also can live in copses in which there are open grounds. You will be able to find the kind of bird make their nest on a tree or it can also that they build for their nest in the bush.  In addition, you may also find that sometimes they come to humans’ environment. Moreover, for the food, canaries do not only eat fruits and berries, but they also eat insects, nuts, and seeds and they often find it in our human environment.

Taking Care Canaries



Since there are many people take the canary birds as their pets, there have to be many things to be considered in order to take them care well. You can prepare for some factors to support the canaries to have good living. The fist thing that is a must for you to achieve is a proper birdcage for them. You have to maintain the canaries to have enough space in the birdcage so that they can move freely inside. Furthermore, another thing that you have to consider in caring canaries is by providing proper food for them. You not just give them anything. You have to buy special food for them so that they will be bale to sing nicely. In addition, there are some products of nutrition for canaries so that they can sing better. You also need to maintain the place of their living to be clean always so that there will be no virus or bacteria that can harm your canaries.

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