Blue and Gold Macaw


By Mike Terry


The blue and is one of the most beautiful birds in the world that many people want to have this as their pet.  Unlike any other , the population of these birds is quite low, so when you want to breed this , it will take time and devotion.  There are some factors that make the population of these birds become quite low, the first is the habitat destruction, this destruction make these birds lost its place, there are not enough large trees for nesting, if there are not suitable nesting place, the population of these birds will be in danger. The other factor is pet trade, this illegal action has been done by some irresponsible people to gain money, due to this reason, and the number of this species is decreasing rapidly.

A blue and gold macaw as your pet

Without any proper action from the government, it is only just a until this species will no longer exist in the world. For those who want to own a blue and gold macaw, they need to realize that owning this bird can be quite difficult task. It requires your time and your devotion. If you are not ready to spend some of your time, it is not a good choice to have this bird as your pet.

Known with its beautiful appearance, this bird has become almost everyone’s favorite bird. These birds live in a groups, the best habitat for these birds is rainforest with its large trees. The other places that will be suitable for these birds are woodlands and open marshlands.

As an endangered species, the population density is getting lower, with pet trade and habitat destruction; these birds are in a danger condition. So if you want to own a blue and gold macaw as your pet, you need to care this bird carefully.

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