Birds Of North America

Birds of – Four Groups in the Migration

By Mike Terry

birds of north america

Exotic Bird

Understanding about the bird migration is interesting. In some part of North America including the United States it has snowed for some length of time and the water outside has been frozen just over the night. Even in part of Florida like Tampa that is mostly inland. For the birds e can think of saving the water available. In fact we are pleasant to see the birds outside in the winter that are gone. Actually the birds you have seen during the winter are in the migration to save their lives. Here we will talk about the four groups of based on their migration scheme and destination. Hopefully the information here will enrich your knowledge about bird migration especially in the United States and Canada.

There are actually several classified group of birds of North America when it comes to the migration. The first group is about the permanent residents group consisting those staying all year like and sparrows. The next is the summer residents. The group consists of birds like the purple martins that arrive during the spring. The birds usually nest in the summer as well as return to the south when fall starts. The third group is winter residents, the birds consisting of those coming from south part of Canada and spending the winter in the United States.

That’s why it is sometimes difficult to determine to which country the birds of North America belong to. The transients are the group of birds that go far to the south of Canada from the upper parts of the country past the United States. On their way south to their winter grounds we often see them in early fall just passing by. We also them later again in the early spring, that heads north to their summer grounds.

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