Bird Songs

Bird songs and human

Bird Songs

Bird Singing

Bird has attracted human’s interest from the ancient times. Bird can do what human dream for many years, flying. Some bird species blessed with colorful feather to attract females in their mating season. blessed with voices, and this point has been considered interesting for human.

Bird songs can bring certain nuance in the owner’s house, and some birds believed can predict rain or even uncertain condition like death of the sick family member in the house. In some region, people keep birds as pet, and compete their voice, and Indonesia is one of them. How good the is measured from several aspects. The has to be melodic, rhythmic, having good strains of tone with consistent tempo. Combination of tone variation, duration and speed turned bird songs into harmony to everyone hearing it. Bird must have clear and loud voice, while the styles when it sings also have to be attractive. Bird winning the competition can value a car.

Bird songs also can bring inspiration to the owner. Many artists bring this theme in their creation, poem, song composition, and other. Vivaldi in his Spring, Beethoven in his sixth symphony, and Wagner in Siegfried are some composer quoted bird songs in their work. Not only in classic music, voice of birds also included even in rock songs, like Pink Floyd did in their album Soundtrack from the Film More.

Bird songs also can be meaningful for bird watchers. They say birds are easier to be identified from their songs, not the visual. Collecting their song and record them in their mind can help identify bird in the nature when they conduct their hobby.

Bird songs for birdwatchers

Bird Songs

Bird Songs

For you people who love to hear bird songs but don’t have birds, you can just freely download them in the internet. There are lots of sites offer many kinds of birds song. To find the desired song, you must search first the name of the bird. This can be different in some region. To be sure, find the bird’s name in binomial nomenclature, for example, if you look for Osprey’s song, then you also need to know his Latin name, Pandion haliaetus.

There are some tips for birdwatchers to learn bird songs. You will need to get a field guide first, and then look for . To make it easier to be learned, you can describe the voice and associate the song with your own word, like Peter for tufted titmouse. Practice what you’ve learned in spring season morning.

Check out my other guide on Facts About Birds. Thank you for reading my article about Bird Songs.

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