Bird Houses

Guideliness for Having

Building a bird house may become an enjoyable activity if it is doing together with our family in the weekend days. The house can be designed according to our specification in size, design, and colour. Beautiful house can be used to attrack another bird coming into the house and also beautify our home scenery. Nevertheless, each bird type requires different specification of house. It is depending much on their previous habitat. The material used are varied also. We can make it from wood, alumunium, or bamboo. For bird which like to stay in the trees, wood made house is really suitable to nest. It is suggested to avoid dark paint because it will be less attractive to bird. The natural house is much more preferable.

Bird Houses Size

The size is an important specification of bird houses. As mentioned above, require different nesting place size. We have to consider the dimention of the bird houses. There are four things we have to underline. First thing to measure is the floor size. Second is box height. Third is entrance hole and its height from the floor. The last is how height will we put above the ground. From several resources, Osprey bird houses are having the largest floor size criteria. The narrowest size is 4 inches, owned by wrens, titmice, nuthatches, and downy woodpecker. If almost bird houses are located within several inches above the ground, Osprey and House sparrows bird houses are located in the ground.

Another Bird Houses Feature

Bird Houses

Bird Houses

Hole is the most important consideration of all. We have to measure the exact size of that allow our bird to enter the bird houses easily but bigger predators can not enter. This is such a shelter for our bird, so we have to ensure the safety. Hole is also funtioning as ventilation in the bird houses. Nevertheless, if we want to add additional ventilations on the top of the bird houses, it will be better.The last thing we need to put attention into is how easy the bird houses can be cleaned out.

Building bird houses for some people is becoming a hobby, but for another people may be a boring and hassle activity. If we belong to the last type of people, we can easily buy it from the pet shop or from online seller. A lot of online sellers provide many types of house. Still, we need to know the basic criteria we want. The writer hope this article will help you to make the right choice for your bird.

Check out my other guide on Pictures Of Hummingbirds. Thank you for reading my article about Bird Houses.

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