Beautiful Birds


Beautiful Birds


The first beautifuls is the Eastern rosella. This bird comes from Australia, and you can train them to speak, learn song and repeat them. Its color is so attractive, and a real reflection of God’s greatness. The head and chest colored red, while the stomach is yellow and gradating to green to the bottom. The wing contains darker color: blue and black pattern over yellow feather. The tail color also grade from green, yellow, and red in the bottom.

is one on the list of beautiful birds. Keel Billed Toucan can be found in southern America like Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. The body is black colored, with yellow feather on the chest, and as other Toucan, it has a super size bill, 5-6 inches. The color usually red, light blue with certain pattern on it, sometimes the light blue reach feathers around their eye. It lives in tropical, lowland and subtropical rainforest. This bird inspires the boomerang bird in Angry Bird game.

Golden Pheasant is another colorful bird. It originally comes from western China. Adult golden pheasants can reach 90-105 cm long, while the tail is about two third these beautiful birds length. This bird prefer running than flying, maybe since the tail is too heavy, but they can suddenly fly with distinctive wing sound if startled. In some region this bird might become a gamebird.

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Beautiful Birds

Beautiful Bird

Flamingo also listed as the member of beautiful birds. With its big size, long neck and legs, pink feather, this bird still can fly. Flamingos live in groups, around water where they can easily get shrimp and algae to eat. The beak designed by god to separate mud and silt from the food. You can find this bird in South Africa, Caribbean, Galapagos Island, South West Asia, India and Africa.

Since beauty means colorful feather, the next beautiful birds is the lovebird. This unique and cute looking bird originally comes from Africa and Madagascar. They are called since they are monogamous, and the bond with their spouse is strong. Once they married they can sit together in long time, like a human couple. Its color is various, but the cute and mostly pictured is green, and red or orange in the face, and gradation of them in the chest, but the beak is teeth colored. These beautiful birds can life 10 to 15 years and can be kept as pets. They eat fruit, vegetable, seed and grasses.

Check out my other guide on Identify Birds. Thank you for reading my article about Beautiful Birds.

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