How does an maker affect your pet life?

By Mike Terry


Aviary Bird

Aviary or bird cage have a function to keep birds as pet. Weather pet birds preparing for competition, showing the identity of the owners or just place for home to pet birds. It creates also to show how quality of the birds that live inside it self. It could be mean as how much we loved our pets. It is also one of elements that pet’s lovers shouldn’t forget it.

There are different type material for the aviary such us fiber, square sculpture, red anis, airbrush type, or cage with holders. You can make it from woods, bamboo or aluminum. But remember if you want to make the cage pets from metal. Because in certain condition it influences the birds cause some metal has danger content in it. In the competition side, aviary for pets shows what kind of class and quality of the owner. It’s not about rich or low middle class status, beginner or an experienced and also what kind of chirping section of birds. Loving the activities also not been decide by the type of birds. It’s determined by how big the passion of the owner has which try to maximize by giving the comfort, style and looks good to their lovely pets.

Here are tips to not letting the birds away:

  • Make sure the door condition is closed and strong still
  • Make the door flexible to open-closed while you clean the aviary.
  • Do not give or change the food or water for the birds often, it’ should have some regular attention.
  • Always prepared a spryer inside the aviary which has liquid soap to clean the aviary.
  • Place your aviary which easy to get light and air, because you want make a save environment for your lovely birds.

How to clean your aviary; before used a you need t o wash it first with soap or detergent. The purpose is to make the smell of new painting gone. Leave it for days with dry under the sun. To make sure also your aviary are free from the pests. The washing activities could be done monthly or you can also do it daily, but make sure that your pets feel not being disturbed. Not only human need a clean and save environment, because it also determined how far we lived in this earth. Good aviary will helpful for your , because you risk their live to keep it in your life.

Check out my other guide on Birds Of America. Thank you for reading my article about Aviary.

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