Australian Birds

Australian birds in brief

Australian Birds


Australia located in south hemisphere of the earth, southern of Indonesia. The continent is mostly semi arid or desert environment, but tropical rainforests and alpine heaths exists too, make this country having thousands diversity. This isolated continent has endemic biota like mammals (kangaroo, koala, and wombat), fish, reptiles and birds.

Australian birds are unique, consists of about 800 species, from the small Weebill to the big flightless Emu. The birds look familiar to tourist from northern hemisphere like China, Europe or America, for example the Australian wrens and robins. Wikipedia classified the into six categories. Old endemic Australian birds consist of emu, cassowaries, and parrot group; these birds also can be found in eastern Indonesia archipelago like Papua. The second group is the corvid radiation, , said comes from corvid ancestors, for example wrens, magpies, pardalotes, bird of paradise, and robins.

Third group is named the Eurasian colonists, including swallows, larks, sunbird, raptors, and plovers. Human also brings birds to the continent, from Europe or other country, like European Goldfinch, common starling, blackbird, tree and house sparrows. This continent is also a good destination for migratory shorebirds, like waders which comes from Asia and Alaska. The last group is the sea birds, consists of large group of albatrosses, gulls, cormorants, petrels and many other.

Beautiful Australian birds

The most is the bird of paradise. It can be found around New Guinea. This bird’s beauty comes from the feather; long, elaborated, and extends from its beak, head, or wings. The beautiful color blessed to the male, attract female in mating season and displaying its feather means of fighting other male. This bird also found in Papua, and the beautiful bird often made as fashion or accessory.

Lorikeets are beautiful too. Rainbow lorikeet can be found in Nelson Bay, New South Wales. Included in parrot family, this Australian birds eats nectar and soft fruits.

Next is the Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, or also known as Pink Cockatoo. Having pink and white feather, these Australian birds have unique feather on the head like a crown, but it will lost and they get bald when they gets old.

Galah is one of beautiful Australian birds. It is endemic, only found in Australia and Tasmania. The feather is pink and grey; make them easy to be seen in the bush and urban areas. The beauty shown when they adult; juvenile galahs are grey and looks boring.

Check out my other guide on Identify Birds. Thank you for reading my article about Australian Birds.

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