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By Mike Terry

all about birds


When it comes to identification there are so many factors that make the activity very hard to do. The challenges comprise elevated positions such as on telegraph poles, in trees, or on buildings. We all agreed that birds are highly active animals so that you need a keen sharp eye so in next to no time you can take in every detail. However, for birds enthusiasts all about birds are always interesting so that identifying birds that are challenging is just part of the fun.

If you want to participate in all about birds, identifying birds is something that you will not want to miss a try. To identify bird, another problem you may face is that you may also find by branches and leaves can hinder you in spotting the key mannerisms features especially for the first time birder. Even just the bright sky and direct sunlight on a sunny day can bring you difficulties as well as secluded crannies and nooks where birds like to play. It is always advisable if you are into a bird watching to have a basic knowledge about the bird’s mannerisms and to watch them closely.

Naming them correctly needs somewhat of your struggle for the first time but later you will be able definitely to do it very fast if you pay enough attention to the right things when you are watching them. In your very first birding session you will need some helpful hints such as remaining focused on one bird, get information all about birds, paying attention to the bird’s movements, markings, feedings, songs, colors, sizes and also trying to tune ears to identify the pattern of the bird’s song and calls. Taking in the bird’s general size and shape is also a great help to narrow down the bird’s family.

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