African Grey

The magnificent of cockatoo

By Mike Terry

african grey

African Grey Parrot

African grey type of cockatoo is the smartest birds in the entire world. He has a beauty character, combining the intelligence and charms. More than 4.000 years this type becomes pet birds. Some says that the Egyptian is the first guardian for keeping the as their pets. It’s like shows in the relief of their hieroglyph. A Greek people also loves them that it depicting in their history cage bird sculpture in some form. They even keep the similar type form of the African grey such as parrots, parakeets etc. A scientist says that it is actually the truth not just over reacted, because this African grey cockatoo is the smartest one. Because they’re intelligence and beauty, lots of people want it to keep them as a pet. Normally, it happens a lot for pet bird’s lover. There are many reasons why they want them to be their pet. A friend, Pride maybe? Or something else.

This could recognize tens questions which content of the simple words or the tricky one. They also know kind of colors, shapes, and numbers.  The researchers also admit that it can be develop to another level research.

But sadly, African Grey become one of the listed which endangered species based on IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) in 2007.

An analysis shows that until 21% from the global population are taken from the forest, especially for the animal trades.  CITES (Conventional on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora) stated that African grey type’s cockatoo are the most valuable trades of Fauna. With export number more than 350.000 to 1.994-2.003 specimen. In the order to protect the species that each year being threatened in 2004 CITES has been regulate to any other fauna trades will be tackled. Then US Wild Bird Conservation act to it, and European Union in late 2007 overcomes the import of wild animals to sell and become pets. So help our endangered species in the world to succeed the campaign.

Of course with some simple act for example, not using bird feather for fashion, animal killed for cosmetic and many other irresponsible exploitation of animal. We can live with them and walk side by side without harming each others. If you are pet lovers then ask you’re self with question “Are you responsible enough to keep animal as a pets?” Love animal doesn’t mean to kill them, even for a Cockatoo.

Check out my other guide on Bird Names. Thank you for reading my article about African Grey.

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