Lovebirds As Pets

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lovebirds as pets


Lovebirds are quite unique bird. Besides having a color that is quite interesting,this bird is also quite intelligent. Loyal to its partner and a long time intercourse also the main attraction for these lovebirds, so no wonder if the bird is a symbol of love and harmony.

Lovebirds are also a bird that has a strong physical, making it very easy to keep. This bird has a pretty good ability to adapt to the environment. Only, as a social bird, the bird is not good if it kept single or only one. It is better if kept in pairs.

Food that is fairly easy to get,  and easily bred often the main reason for people to keep these birds. In addition lovebird with a certain color variations still have high prices. High economic lovebird value often triggers people to breed these birds.

But unfortunately, we often see the quality of lovebird that is unnoticed. Lovebird often encountered in a state of stress and distress due to the cage and feed conditions that are not guaranteed. At this time, often happens that the lovebird breeder only meet physical needs, like eating and drinking. Lovebird psychological needs such as toys and calm conditions are also less attention.

This condition is very different if the lovebird is kept by a hobbyist. A hobbyist will typically perform a variety of special treatments and holistic against lovebird. Only in the hands of a hobbyist it can grow into a bird which is really good quality and healthy.

As with other animals, birds can also be injured, fall ill and die. Therefore, it takes experience and knowledge in order for lovebird can live for a long time. With good care, lovebird can live until the age of 15 years. With the correct understanding of the lovebird, these birds are expected to always look cheerful and able to give pleasure and pride for the owner.

Lovebird which treated properly will definitely bring many benefits to its owner. Whether it’s a psychological benefit in the form of inner satisfaction as well as other benefits such as economic.

Lovebird Molting

BufferHow To Treat Lovebird Molting Molting or feather loss is a natural cycle of the bird family. This period occurs at 4-5 years old lovebird. At the time of molt, lovebirds will naturally regenerate hair on its body and metabolic system. Bird care is very important during molt. If the treatment is wrong will make … Continue reading